The Benefits of Botox for TMJ and Headaches

Botox is known for enhancing facial features. But botox also treats TMJ and headaches.

The common causes and treatment for TMJ

The causes of TMJ can vary such as excessive teeth grinding and clenching. You might be grinding your teeth during sleep and be unaware. A night guard is a common treatment solution for TMJ issues – especially if you grind or clench your teeth during sleep. Some experience discomfort or a gag-reflex that prevents them from wearing a night guard at night so other options are necessary.

Treatment for TMJ and related discomfort with botox

Botox provides another alternative due to its muscle relaxing benefit. It’s been proven to also help alleviate the pain associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and teeth grinding.

  • Botox targets the chewing muscles. This reduces the bite force, relaxes those muscles, and alleviates the pain or tension.
  • Botox can help with headaches. Applying botox can relax your muscles and lessen tension.
  • Botox results can last up to six months. It can be reapplied for continued pain relief.

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