Transform Your Smile (Fast) with Professional Teeth Whitening

A brighter, whiter smile is possible in less time than you might imagine. Professional teeth whitening provides a fast, easy smile transformation.

No more stained, dull-looking teeth

Yellowing or stains on your teeth can be caused by the foods and beverages you consume, aging, lifestyle choices, and some medications. Teeth whitening is safe and can effectively brighten your smile by eliminating stains and discoloration.

Professional vs. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

  • There are a variety of over-the-counter (DIY) whitening products. But also be aware of the disadvantages associated with DIY whitening products.- Low solution strength can produce less reliable results
  • Solution can irritate your soft (gum) tissue. Our in-office, professional procedure covers your gums to help eliminate irritation.
  • Increased teeth sensitivity. A preliminary dental examination can determine if your teeth are decay free and your gums are healthy prior to any whitening procedure
  • Your results will substantially improve when you rely on an in-office, professional teeth whitening procedure.
  • One, fast, in-office appointment – including an examination to determine your whitening goals
  • Maintain your whitening results with an custom-designed at-home whitening kit (includes trays and whitening solution)

Contact your Toronto and Maryvale dentist at Ellesmere and Victoria Park about your stained or discolored teeth. Schedule a professional, in-office teeth whitening procedure for a brighter healthier looking smile.

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