Solve the Problems of Decay and Tooth Damage with Dental Fillings

Inside your tooth structure is where decay does its damage often resulting in cavities. Dental fillings restore the structure of your tooth or teeth that have been damaged by decay and help prevent future decay.

Stop aggressive decay before it worsens

Blame tooth decay on oral bacteria growth. Bacteria feed on the surface of your teeth and deeper into your tooth’s pulp. Treatment with a dental filling removes the bacteria, provides a seal on the surface and interior of your tooth, and helps prevent bacteria from spreading.

You have a choice of materials for your dental fillings.

Dr. Zarrabian and her team will inform you about each type of filling material and recommend the best solution for your treatment.

  • Silver fillings are a common choice and are often a cost-effective solution. Gold can be used but is generally more expensive.
  • Tooth colored fillings can be crafted from composite resin or porcelain. These restorative materials will match the natural shade of your surrounding teeth.

Contact your Toronto and Maryvale dentist at Ellesmere and Victoria Park about your tooth issues that could be caused by decay or related tooth damage. Schedule an examination to determine if a dental filling is the right solution.

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