Chewing and Overall Tooth Restoration with Dentures

Your health and lifestyle is impacted when you lose a tooth or teeth. Dentures restore your ability to eat, chew, and smile following the loss of all or some of your teeth.

Why dentures?

Choosing dentures as tooth loss solution involves the number of teeth requiring replacement, your overall oral health, and your appearance and tooth function goals.

Dentures can be used to replace missing teeth in the upper and/or lower portion (arch) of your mouth depending on your tooth loss circumstances.
And dentures are also…

  • Less costly
  • Removable for easy cleaning and improved overall dental hygiene
  • Expandable if you require an additional tooth extraction
  • Easy to repair because of how they’re crafted

Your denture options

Full dentures

All of your missing teeth can be replaced with a set of full dentures. An arch of teeth can be custom designed to fit in your upper and lower jaw.

The natural suction of each set of dentures adheres them to your gums. Denture adhesive is also available for a more secure fit.

Dentures can also be secured with dental implants. A specific number of dental implants can be placed where you have adequate, healthy bone tissue. Implant supported dentures provide you a secure anchor for a permanent or removable denture.

Partial dentures

The loss of some but not all of your teeth gives you the option of a partial denture. Like a full denture, your partial denture can be placed in your upper and/or lower arch of your mouth.

Your partial denture relies on the support of your remaining and adjoining healthy teeth. The partial denture fills the missing tooth gap and helps prevent your teeth from moving or shifting. Your partial can also be crafted to be fixed or removable.

Contact your Toronto and Maryvale dentist at Ellesmere and Victoria Park about your tooth loss. Schedule a dental examination to discuss tooth replacement options including dentures.

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